What is Breaking News 24/7?
Project Overview
This project is created for a class at NYU ITP. Pop-up Window Display, a production class aims to create innovative interactive pop up installations designed for public window displays. I collaborated with Jiyao ZhangMarco Wylie, and Nathier Fernández to complete this project. 
Breaking News 24/7 - an interactive news cycle make you question what is real and what is fake. Our goal of this project is to spark conversations regarding the problematic fake news issue nowadays.
 My Role
Design Part - Interaction Design, Visual Theme Design, Logo Design
Technical Part - Physical Computing (Arduino & Raspberry Pi), JavaScript
Fabrication Part - Inner Structure of the puppet's head, Logo Banner
The The Iconic Element - A Pinocchio Puppet
In this project, we designed the whole window as a giant TV screen displaying problematic and controversial news we found on the Internet. The newscaster, the iconic and most appealing element of our project, is a Pinocchio, who is notably characterized for his frequent tendency to lie, which causes his nose to grow. We borrowed this concept from a nearly universal cultural icon to symbolize "lie."
News Content - Strategy
News Content - Design Details
Technical System Diagram
Design & Development Process
Behind the Scene - Front View versus Back View
Early Stage Visual Rendering (We deprecated this idea )
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