From January to July 2017, I was a UX/UI designer at Codementor, an online platform providing real-time one-on-one help for software developers. Throughout the seven months working in Codementor, I worked in a small multi-disciplinary team which consisted of product director, developers, and fellow designers. I mainly focused on optimizing the user experience of and helped the product increase revenue by 26.6% from January to June 2017. Since is a matching service, it’s essential and critical to have careful consideration for both sides of mentees and mentors. As a result, this solid training has equipped me with sensitive empathy with users and communication capabilities. Regarding tools, I mainly use Sketch to create wireframes, low-fi, and hi-fi UI prototypes. Moreover, I usually use Principle to create clickable, animated prototypes to communicate effortlessly with developers. By doing so, every design project can seamlessly interpret from designer to developers and reduce the cost of communication.
User experience optimization of code mentor dashboard
User experience optimization of questions posting process of mentees
Session review process design
Settings page redesign
Apart from, I was also in charge of design projects for another product, codementorX, a software developers freelancing platform. I closely worked with a product manager, two software developers and three freelancing project managers. The following are the projects I was responsible for:
Developer candidates shortlist for clients
On-boarding process for freelance software developers
Landing page for freelance software developers
Visual Design
Aside from product design, I also supported marketing team to create visual materials. The following is a infographic design project for a content marketing article, which is about the real earning of software developers.
Identity design
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