This project was conducted in my internship experience at LINE corporation in 2015 summer. The goal of this project was to optimize the functionality of a crowdsourcing platform called LINEQ. LINEQ is a community-driven question-and-answer platform that allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users. In this project, I researched every relevant platforms and forum in Taiwan market. Finally, I found an unmet user need that the questions related to users’ location couldn’t be answered in right time and the right person. As a result, I proposed a new feature which can solve this problem. The final deliverables for this project include high-fidelity UI designs and a clickable prototype demonstrating a possible interaction of the new feature.
Competitor Research / Prototyping / Visual Design
2015.7 - 2015.8
Google can answer most of our questions. However, if a personalized question which is specific to the user's location, Google might not be able to satisfy user needs. (e.g. "Any recommendations for a café suitable for a brief meeting in this district?" ) This location-based new feature links users who are looking for personalized information related to the specific location with other users who have right answers and can reply it timely. Personalized location-based questions usually need to be answered timely, so the new feature allows users to set the valid time of the question. 
1. "Any recommendations for a café suitable for a brief meeting in this district?"
2. "I would like to know where is the nearest shopping mall from my present location?"
3. "I found someone's watch in this park. Leave a message if you are the owner "
UI Sketch
The user interface design was made by the UI developing software Sketch. I followed the original blue theme color of LINEQ. Each of the location tags represents a question. Different color can allow users to distinguish the valid time of a question. The red tag implies the question is about to be invalid because red can be universally associated with the feeling of urgency. The purpose of this high-fidelity UI design was to illustrate the new feature workflow with a more realistic look.
The purpose of this clickable prototype was to illustrate the new feature workflow.
I created an identity of this new feature which symbolized this function can let users solve any problem in the city.

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